Find new things to do and people to do it with, all in your local area! Key is a brand new suite of searching tools to communicate with people, meet new friends with similar interests, discover local attractions, and much more! Everything is based off location, so if you just moved, or like to travel, this could benefit you even more! -Isn't this like other social networking apps?-No. Many apps exist to connect and share with friends from around the world. Although key enables you to communicate with friends, it's primary goal is to help you meet New friends in your local area, as well as discover fun things to do nearby. In addition, instead of selectively sharing content with people you already know, your posts are visible to everyone in your local area. It's a truly groundbreaking new way to reconnect with your community.To be clear, this is not a dating app. It's purely intended to find like-minded friends.
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