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Girls Generation Chat Eng is the best application for international girls generation fans kpop SoShi SNSD to share love and passion for girls generation , news about comebacks, upcoming releases, concerts, style breakdowns, fan projects, and more... if you love girls generation SoShi SNSD don't forget to give us 5 stars Girls' GenerationGirl groupGirls' Generation is a South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment in 2007 and originally composed of nine. Since 2012, there is a sub-group consisting of Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun: "Girls' Generation-TTS". WikipediaNickname: SoShi, SNSD, GGAlbums: Run Devil Run, Girls' Generation, Holiday Night, The BoysGirls' Generation MembersYoonaChant * Depuis 2007TaeyeonChant * Depuis 2007TiffanyChant * 2007 - 2017SeohyunChant * 2007 - 2017YuriChant * Depuis 2007Jessica JungChant * 2007 - 2014SooyoungChant * 2007 - 2017SunnyChant * Depuis 2007Kim Hyo-yeonChant * Depuis 2007Girls' GenerationTitlesGee - Japanese VersionRun Devil Run * 2010Into the New WorldGirls' Generation * 2007Run Devil RunRun Devil Run * 2010Mr.Mr.Mr.Mr. * 2014I got a boyI Got a Boy * 2013THE BOYSThe Boys * 2011Tell Me Your WishRun Devil Run * 2010MR.TAXIGirls' Generation * 2011Catch Me If You Can2015Lion HeartLion Heart * 2015PartyLion Heart * 2015Dancing QueenI Got a Boy * 2013This is not an official application, it's made by a fan of girls generation kpop SoShi SNSD .if you love girls generation SoShi SNSD don't forget to give us 5 stars
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