Divvito Messenger

Divvito Messenger makes co-parenting communication easier. Divvito brings the benefits of email to instant messaging and helps keep emotions in check when you can't.Communication after separation or divorce can be frustrating. As much as you'd like to never have to talk to your ex again, you need to be able to communicate effectively and get along for the sake of your kids; because we all know they're who really matter.And that's what Divvito is designed to help you do - make co-parenting communication easier.WHY USE DIVVITO?:ORGANIZED: Do you find you're always swapping between work emails, personal emails and text messages when communicating with your ex? Divvito ensures your communication can be all in the one place.POSITIVE: Have you ever sent a message in the heat of the moment that you've regretted, or sent a message that was taken the wrong way? Divvito gives you time to revise messages that aren't conducive to you being the best parent you can be.PERMANENT: Have you ever lost your phone, losing everything you've discussed up until then? Divvito archives your entire history so that will never happen. It also makes it easy to refer to past conversations in the future.PRIVATE: Have your kids heard the 'ding' of a message notification and read something they shouldn't have? That won't happen with Divvito as notifications are private. This also ensures you can respond to the new message when you're ready.EASY LOGIN: Divvito uses your Facebook or Google login to get started immediately.You can get Early Access for free while we create the co-parenting messaging app you love. We would love your feedback along the way. But don't worry, Divvito Messenger will never cost more than a cup of coffee per month.Enjoy!
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