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Experience an amazing English language learning experience with our android English Learning app. Learn anywhere, anytime. "Learn on the go". Learn spoken English and Grammar with this FREE app. This app will make you learn English from the beginning in an easy step by step way.It is easy to learn because we provide learning features in an organized step by step manner to make sure everyone can learn basic English. If you know at least the English alphabet, then this App can really help you learn English. Designed by language learning expertsKey Features of this App:1. No registration required to use this App.2. Live Audio Call for practicing the conversation.3. No identity: No need to use boys or girls phone number to register the system. Our VOIP calls does not require boys or girls phone number.4. Basic Grammar & real English phrases.5. Be free of the hesitation about speaking with the opposite gender.6. Commonly used English phrases.7. Marvelous UI, simple and user-friendly.8. Vocabulary Enhance feature having more than 2500 words.9. You will get fluency in English speaking by continued use of this App via daily conversation practices.10. Learn how to talk about everyday situations in life, such as shopping, at the bank, meeting friends, greeting strangers and many more, all these are given in the "Phrases for Daily Conversations"11. Prepare for your IELTS exam by sharpening your listening & speaking skills.. Clear your doubts, get insights about the IELTS structure.12. Debate and live conversation are important features of this English speaking app. Your practice will not be limited in simple Hi and Hello. Other than Hello or Hi, you can participate in Live English debate to test your vocabulary,grammar & speaking skills.This course was created with special care and a lot of thought to make it easy to learn English. You will have exposure on the followings:English Grammar : Grammar is the study of words and the ways words work together. A supporting force that guides us as we put words together into sentences. Any person who communicates using a particular language is consciously or unconsciously aware of the grammar of that language.To speak in a clearer and more effective manner we study grammar. A person who has unconscious knowledge of grammar may be sufficient for simple language use, but the ones who wish to communicate in an artful manner and well, will seek greater depth of understanding and proficiency that the study of grammar provides.We have all the lessons grouped together by types such as Nouns, Verbs, Articles, Adverbs, Verb Tenses, etc.11 Grammar rulesTensesNounsPronounsAdjectivesVerbsAdverbsPrepositionsConjunctions & InterjectionsPunctuationsRules of CapitalizationHelping VerbsEnglish Conversation:You will find most commonly used English phrases, Essential vocabularies and examples for Conversations at Certain OccasionsCATEGORIES covered by given Phrases:"Common expressions""Greetings""Travel & directions""Numbers & money""Location""Phone & Internet & Mail""Time and Date""Accommodation""Dinning""Making Friends""Entertainment""Shopping""Communication Difficulties""Emergency and health""General Questions"The entire study data is completely free. However, there are advertisement to help pay our bills. If the advertisement bothers you, there is an in-app purchase option item to remove the advertisement.Download the free App right away to help with your dream job interview, or with an exam, or to impress your friends! Improve English speaking, comprehension, and listening skills.Speak English with confidence!"Keep this application always in your pocket. Please give us feedback and join our communities for more updates.We hope you would love this application, get it now and unlock awesomeness. Speed-up your speaking skills and don't forget to rate
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