Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

* Simple and fast.* Clean connection* Secure username and password* Single tap Shoot the Wi-fi HotspotPortable Wi-Fi hotspot app is for you, Portable Wifi Hotspot Manager is the best free, modern, fast and secure hotspot app ever! We will simplify yourlife. With our app, you can easily share your mobile data connection with everyone you want easily & fastly from your smartphone.Not only that, with our Portable wifi hotspot you can also secure the wifi hotspot using a password and you can also set a mobile datalimit, so once the users reach the limit, they will not be able to use your mobile data connection, it's the best way to keep your mobiledata bandwith.This app is 100% Safe and secure, so you don't need to worry about your information, messages or pictures, users will only be ableto use your mobile data not spying on your device.Features:- One tap to direct enable wi-fi hotspot of the mobile devices.- User can update the hotspot network Name SSID.- user can update the hotspot passowrd.- User can share the password to others.Portable Wi-Fi hotspot will help you connect Internet easily when you go abroad, travel or anywhere don't have network.Thanks for using Wifi Hotspot Tethering.
Operating System Android