Never see another incoming phone number that you do not recognize again. With kalleo, every incoming call will be identified EVERYTIME.kalleo will empower you to take your mobile number back from the constant spam and robo-call abuse. kalleo will block every robo call, spam and phishing scheme and will fully identify every incoming phone call.kalleo only takes a minute to set up for a lifetime of uninterruption.Key Features:Call ForwardingBy forwarding your phone number, kalleo is able to function as a service and work outside the limits of your phone while maintaining your privacy. This enables better identification, call blocking, and the ability to choose when you want to be contacted. Another benefit of the call forwarding approach is that it works for all carriers.Blocks OutrightBlocks known spam callers and scammers from getting through instead of just sending them to voicemail.IdentificationFully identifies all incoming, unknown callers for complete transparency.Community BasedFlag new spam callers and contribute to a spam-free community. Every time you help kalleo identify new spam callers, the entire community benefits.Security and PrivacySecurity and privacy is a top priority. kalleo will never sell users' information for profit or use that information for anything other than what's intended. Also, every incoming call is encrypted, keeping your calls private.How It Works:Identified Caller- Incoming call is connected as normalUnidentified Caller- Incoming call is intercepted and caller hears a message that they are unidentified- Caller is then sent to voicemail- You receive a notification that an unidentified caller was blocked- You receive a notification with the voicemailKnown Spam, Robo Call, or Phishing- Incoming call is blocked outright- Caller hears a message that they were identified as spam- You receive a notification that a spam call was blocked
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