European Astrology

No matter what your needs are, you can count on Christina for the support you deserve. We see every person as unique individual. Use this app to schedule and book an appointment, also message us direct!Ms. Christina is one of Leading Astrologers in the Chicago/NW Area. Over 45 Years of Experience, One consultation with Christine Is a life Changing experience,Mrs Christine use's natural intuition to conduct detailed psychic readings, she is a Astrologer life Coach that can see a deeper view into emotional mental psychical and spiritual things bout your life. When in this case you are struggling, She is here to help you gain clarity. She has senses to feel hear and see your path in love. happiness. Career. Destiny and much more, If there is a possible future event that is causing you apprehension, through Christine's spiritual ability she could help you lift that burden, gain a sense of resilience, surround your self with confidence and positive energy!All Readings are Private and Confidental.HistoryEstablished in 1975.With 35 year experienced Astrologer Life CoachChristine Has Successfully Helped Many People within Her Life,She has Been Blessed with this ability at a Young age and has Been in the Astrology Life coach industry Ever Since, the certified Astrologer Life Coach Gives you More then what you Can expect, through Christines History And All of the People She has Helped Psychically. Mentally. Emotionally and Spiritually Her most Precious Acomplishment is Helping others Find true Satisfaction, Happiness, Resilience, Love, Hope, Healing from within and out, a Longed For cure for Depression, and so much More! list goes on and on.
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