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Switch to a new and better way of staying connected via SMS. Upgrade to the best free SMS plus MMS app with MessageCube. Send images, audio, video, location, and more along with your regular text. Message one person or start a group chat. Search for stuff within the app and share information like never before. Ditch the boring old messaging app for a new smart texting app for free! MessageCube makes it easy to communicate with anyone by using SMS, MMS, and more. Stay connected with friends and family, send a group text to begin a fun conversation, and most importantly share your favorite search results within your text. Spice up your response to simple questions from your friends. Answer by searching for things like restaurants, locations, images and videos from within the app. Swipe through search results and hit share. Get the best SMS and MMS messaging app for Android now for free!It's amazingly easy to switch from your boring old msg app to MessageCube. The app syncs all your SMS text backup from your current messaging app as soon as you open the app for the first time. MessageCube does everything a regular messenger can but with an extra topping of fun. You can archive any chat or block any contact, just like a usual text messaging and chatting app. The integrated search feature provides a seamless and prompt sharing experience, and works like a charm. Search integration within the app is what makes MessageCube smart. Simply press on the search icon while composing a message and look up for anything. YouTube videos, restaurants near you, game scores, or virtually anything.Make plans on the go! As you're on your way to meet your friends, chat with them and search places to check out nearby. Upgrade your usual response by adding website links, images and videos to your answer. Offer the recipient more by texting easy and prompt MMS messages. MessageCube is an easy way to upgrade to a smart chatting app and the best alternative to your old messenger.Direct message a single recipient or start a group chat. Make your group chatting session more fun by sharing GIF responses in the group chat. MessageCube does not require you to leave the app to send a GIF message. Simply tap on '+' while composing a message and send a GIF powered by Giphy along with your message. It's a smart all-round chatting app with everything you need from a messenger in order to enjoy a fun and easy chatting experience. Download the best texting app for Android and say goodbye to sending a text msg the old way.MessageCube is a jacked up version of your traditional msg app. It's the best way to add flare to a boring msg by attaching images, videos, audios, location, GIFs and more. Improve your texting sessions by swapping your old messenger for MessageCube. Download the smartest Android texting app now!
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