Forsta Secure Messenger

Forsta provides End-to-end encrypted messaging for groups and businesses. Forsta is a better way to communicate securely inside and outside your organization. With new features to speed group messaging while still allowing for private conversations - think of Forsta as an end-to-end encrypted version of Slack. You can join Forsta as an individual or as a private organization. With a FREE individual account, you can communicate securely with anybody on Forsta as long as you know their Forsta username, phone number or email. Features Include:- End-to-End encrypted messaging- Group messaging - Create encrypted groups for private conversations.- Disappearing Messages - messages are permanently erased after they are read- Encrypted attachments - take photos inside the Forsta app and it never appears in your camera roll.- Link your iOS app to a web browser for end-to-end encrypted messaging from your desktop or laptop computer.- Advanced privacy features including screen security to prevent previews from showing message content. Those that are part of a private organization can also use Forsta tagging to represent roles, groups or people. For example, @marketing can represent everybody in marketing and can be used by anybody in your organization.Forsta's open source applications and peer-reviewed cryptographic protocols are based on Open Whisper System's Signal app and protocols.Learn more at
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