Multiple Accounts : App clone & Parallel Clone

Multiple Accounts : App clone & Parallel Clone is an app that helps user to log on to more than one social media accounts simultaneously from one mobile phone with Multiple clone app. If you have multiple social media accounts, game accounts or messaging accounts then, you want an app that keep you active at multiple accounts at a time on same mobile phone. You simply have to download Parallel Space which helps you to manage and organize different accounts easily like second profile, multiple accounts, go multiple, multi user accounts, duplicate apps, app cloner, dual instance, space 2.Multiple Accounts : App clone & Parallel Clone allows you to login from different social media apps with multiple accounts like Facebook Clone, multiple Instagram accounts, Dual WhatsApp, Skype Parallel space, Double Email. It maintains balance between social life and work life and have fun with double game apps. The main advantage of Parallel space is that if you are using different accounts of social media apps then, their data won't interfere with each other. It keeps your accounts separate and protected. You can easily switch between both accounts.Multiple Accounts : App clone & Parallel Clonee allows you to secure your clone apps with password and privacy locker and protect your apps from others. Multiple Clone app needs your permissions to run correctly and smoothly. If you don't allow its notifications, then you are not able to receive notifications on time. You can place your clone apps on secret apps. Interface is simple and easy to use.You can customize your clone apps with different themes and colors and style your apps different with others. It is compatible with different languages like Chinese, French, Dutch, Spanish, Lao, Hindi. Supports different countries like United States go multiple, Germany app cloner, Spain app duplicator, Turkey space 2, USA cloner apk, India multi accounts, Pakistan apps duplicator.How it works:Simply install Multiple Accounts : App clone & Parallel Clone app in your mobile phone and just click on add apps and make a clone of app which you want. Enjoy multiple accounts at a same time in your mobile phone.Features:Easy and upgraded User Interface to use and instant notification alertsUse all apps parallel and use like a separate storageFree of cost app and utilize small spaceEasily Secure all clone appsEasily customize your apps
Operating System Android


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