Auto Battery Charger ( Save Battery Pro )

Auto battery charger is an intelligent, smart and bright battery saving application that supports your battery to have a long run life. Powerful and easy to use, Auto battery charger keeps your phone working well when you need it. Enjoy the incredible power boosting experience to save your battery s and never worry about your phone again. Key features off the app :- Benefit unmatched :Auto battery charger detects high-power applications from battery power and automatically removes their caches for an instant speed pulse on your Android performance power while freeing up storage space.- Smartest Charger:With a single click the charging method of your phone battery will be automatically adjusted with 3 charger phases (Fast, continuous and trickle charger) to make sure you don't overcharge your phone battery.- Saving mode :When you select the mode, Auto battery charger app helps you scan all services that are consuming phone battery including Bluetooth, GPS, Mobile data, High screen brightness, Screen timeout, NFC, Auto Sync...- Optimization & Battery Saver :According to a specific database, this application helps you to calculate the exact duration of your battery and the energy of your phone in order to choose the actions and situations you want (watch a movie, play the game or surf the web). This option helps you manage the power consumption of your battery yourself. So you can customize your own power mode to save more power in the long run.- Additional options:So that you save the life of your battery, we add indicators to facilitate the use of your battery (temperature, current battery, battery saver status, voltage and health general of your battery). Automatically adjust the battery power consumption problems and make sure your battery is going to have a long life and it will help you to use your phone even more. We would be at your disposal for any information, so do not hesitate to contact us at this email : Zakapppro@gmail.com
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