Fake Caller Id changer free

Fake Caller ID Changer is a fake caller app that hides and changes the incoming and outgoing caller Id. This is the only FREE app that gives you the full services of a caller Id changer, fake calls, fake caller Id, and changes the Id's of the incoming or outgoing callers. This application for android is professional, and considers the privacy of the user by not sharing any of their information. When you want to hide the caller id, you only trust this caller id faker app and it will play the trick. Why should you download this Caller id Faker app?-Just like a fake whatsapp chat that gives fake chats and fake texts, by using this fake call app you get to have fun receiving fun fake calls, like from internationally prominent people. -This app gives you the feeling of a love caller screen dialer photo because you can change the caller id to feature someone you love. It is also a free dialer, mobile dialer, and a calling app.-You can customize caller id as well as ringtones for an incoming fake call, to set the caller id changer is fast and not only does the appearance of the caller change, but also the fake phone number.-This is the ultimate true caller app and caller id and dialer app that you can ever come across. Unique Features�¦ Customization of fake caller�¦ Appearance of a different caller id�¦ Hide and change Incoming caller id�¦ Hide and change outgoing caller id�¦ Change caller id�¦ Saved fake caller id�¦ Easy to use-This prank calling app will let you enjoy the most in the call faking world. For example, if you want the caller id of your aunt changed to Obama or Hillary, this fake caller id changer app will change their identities to match your preferences.-This Free fake caller id prank number master is not a voice changer for women voices or men voices. This free app does not provide spoof calls, and is a bit different from true caller, True id, call blocker, caller id changer sim, fake call and sms, sms blocker, spam detector, call tracker, caller name announcer and other apps of this nature. On the contrary, Fake caller id changer is a prank calling app for both incoming and outgoing fake prank calls.This is how the app works: The home screen of the call has four icons: Hide Incoming Caller IDs (With an ON and OFF Icon) Hide Outgoing caller IDs (With an ON and OFF Icon) Change Caller ID Saved Fake Caller ID step one-Turn the incoming and outgoing icons ON. Step two- proceed to change caller ID Step three- Click on the phonebook icon to select the contact you want to change Finally- click on the Fake Caller Name and write the 'fake' name you want the contact to appear in, then click on the "Change and Save Caller Id" button. Hurray!! your fake changer has been activated. To view the saved contacts, go to the "Saved Fake Caller Id" on homepage and view your saved contacts.Here is what you should watch out for: Fake caller for iphone, caller id changer for iphone, fake call and sms, and spoof call for iphone. These will be supported in all the phones.
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