ClearMechanic Beta

ClearMechanic Beta offers early access to the newest features of the main ClearMechanic application. Please note that features in this beta version are in active development and may not work perfectly. Thanks for helping us make ClearMechanic the best it can be!ClearMechanic Beta is designed specifically for automotive service centers, is easy for technicians to complete and even easier to understand. The use of inspection photos and videos and Red / Yellow / Green priority levels will validate your technician's inspection findings. ClearMechanic Beta is compatible with smartphones and tablets. Technicians have the option to use their own smartphones instead of inefficiently sharing a workstation or tablet. ClearMechanic Beta lets each service center build its own electronic, multi-point inspection tailored to its needs. After uploading inspections through ClearMechanic Beta, the inspection can be viewed and shared by e-mail, SMS text message, web site or print-out version. ClearMechanic Beta features:- Take photos faster by using continuous photo shooting.- Make phone calls with "click-to-call."- Record audio notes and do not miss any details from your customers.- Add custom estimates for each inspection item.- Enter make, model and year of any vehicle.
Operating System Android