Call blocker and sms blocker

Call blocker and sms blockerYou often are plagued with spam messages, unwanted call, the advertising message? Do you feel annoyed when there are phone calls or messages from people you do not know?Call blocker and sms blocker is app blocking, and helps manage a block number and sms blocker. If you are looking for a call blocker, SMS blocker this application is what you need.Call blocker and sms blocker is a great for your choosing, you will not have to worry, not to bother from unwanted messages, unwanted call.Call blocker and sms blocker app that automatically block number your phone number from appearing on receivers' phones, it will hide your phone number caller ID.You can either blocking any number manually, add unwanted or select the number from the your contacts list, or call history. We recommend dialing numbers using the international format.This blocking also boasts some convenient setting options, such as the ability to block private calls numbers, or to disable notifications.Numbers from the blacklist are blocking. Whatever you do, you will not be distracted by phone calls.Blacklist saves all block number, contents. Don't worry, you will never lose any important call, sms blocker.Call blocker and sms blocker Features:-Blocking incoming calls-Blocking unknown numbers.-SMS blocker from alphanumeric numbers.-Blocking private calls hidden numbers.-Blocking history.-Customizable warning messages.-Intercept calls from private unknown numbers and hang up or send to voice mail.-Create Contact Group in the app to keep track of any number of private contact.-Enable/Disable Notification of blocked calls, messages.-Put hidden contact from private area back to device's contact list.-Create hidden contact yourself in private area.-If you don't remember your passcode, you can recover it by using email that you have to provide right after you entered the passcode.-You can easily monitor block number calls, sms blocker from the blocking log.-Blocking log backup facilities.-Easy to use.You can restart your phone after you hide application icon. Call blocker and sms blocker is free app. Thanks for using Call blocker and sms blocker app.Try it...Download nowwwwwwww!!!!!!
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