Burn After Reading

BAR (Burn After Reading) messaging is a FREE app available for Android.BAR uses your smart device's Internet connexion to send and receive text messages that are automatically deleted after being read. On both sides, sender and receiver.No more burden deleting message's history. No messages copied in inbox or sent folders, they simply do not exist!No permission to access device's data required. No data is copied either on device or server side.Send a message like a word. One shot, once, no records kept. Keep your privacy at higher level. Leave no traces on your smart device.Choose a username, register with email and wait for confirmation code.Search users by username and add users by sending a friend request.The user receiving the friend request, on the other hand has to search you username (on search tool) to be able to receive invitation. As a privacy and security measure users have to know one another's username to be able to use BAR.
Operating System Android