Onymous - Text/Video Chat Anonymously

Introducing a new anonymous chat application. Its now time to pick up a mask and go invisible. Open up and speak your heart out ...ANONYMITY:Onymous is a free, clean and secure application for anonymous communication. It doesn't collect any personally identifiable data. That means, all your conversations are 100% untied to you. Taking it a step further, it also features encrypted communication between strangers avoiding any potential eavesdropper out there.FEATURES:We are actively working on introducing some exciting features in the future time line. However, to start off, we have a very simple and extremely easy to use chat functionality. * Select a stranger of your interest : You can select the gender you want to talk to ... We are adding more filters in your future versions. Stay tuned.* Video chat : Have video chat with your partners. No need to share Skype/Whatsapp number. Disconnect anytime.* No need to keep trying : No need to wait for a partner to join you in a conversation. No need to keep your app open. Just raise a request and forget. You'll receive a notification when a partner is found for you.* Talk to multiple partners simultaneously : Raise multiple requests, chat with many. Get real time notifications for messages.* Distance to your partner : Find out how far your partner is from you. Precise location is never disclosed to your partner at any case.* Block annoying users: Disconnecting a partner is not sufficient when you absolutely are not interested in talking to someone ever. Now you can block such user. Once blocked, you will never be matched with this partner ever again.WEBSITE:Visit https://www.onymous.site for large screen anonymous video chat with strangers around the world.RATING:Please rate our app for this to gain more popularity in the play store. More popularity will lead to more users. This will drastically reduce waiting time to find a suitable chat partner.FEEDBACK:Please inform us in case you face any issue. You can send us a mail at support@onymous.site . We'll try to resolve it as soon as possible.
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