(Authentication by invitation only.) Carrier Community is an exclusive global telecom club and an industry-networking platform for wholesale telecom service providers. It was founded as a central and transparent platform to enhance business opportunities across the telecom industries various sectors such as voice, data, SMS, Mobile, VAS, MVNO, ISP, Cable operator, and other related sectors. CCC (Powered by DIME) is the next evolution in community communication and collaboration OTTs. Bringing forward elements such as secured virtual meeting chatrooms, global community directory, regional and event based directories with advanced capabilities such as VoIP, PBX integration to members, vote casting and other exciting services for "Real-Time Business" CCC empower the vibrant communities of the wholesale traders to allow them to share infos, insights and opinions and offers several important advantages to the members which are continuously in contacts for real-time business 'as for the day-by-day operations. ONLY CCC MEMBERS can access the global community corporate directory. It is all about trading for wholesaler where the communication is the key factor: the offering, the acceptance in real-time are the basis of the working activity of the traders. To be connected in secure way with inside and outside people of the organization is today the fundamental needs. E-meeting via corporate chat-room ONLY for the CCC MEMBERS are available. CCC is also a collaboration (carrier-grade) tool for group of members for a more effective and secure communication. Business solution like central phonebook directory, dedicated group chatroom, central news divulgation and virtual PBX services (based on DID availability) are available on Premium package.
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