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If you are someone who- Forgets to wish your best friends on special occasions- Wants to remind your parent to take medicines on time- Sends good night/good morning messages every day to loved ones- Needs to text to check if your girlfriend has reached home safely- Hopes of strengthening relationships by sending them Christmas/New Year wishes, Send it later is designed for you. Main features of Send it later: + Messaging in your own way with repeat options daily, weekly, monthly, Weekdays, Yearly. + Easy to use with 100% material design. + Colorful customized. + Lets you schedule SMS, send automatic email (Gmail, Yahoo,), schedule posts, and set call reminders. I am working hard to update with Twitter and WhatsApp, Require permissions: Read Contacts: Use to add recipients from your contact list- Send SMS: Use to send SMS, you will be charge fee like the others common SMS. Auto Start: Use to reschedule all pending SMS, so your schedule SMS will not be impacted when reboot phone- Internet permission: Use to send email, post status- Manage Account: Create local email account and store in phone by Account Manager APIs. App icon modified from: https://www.shareicon. net/message-paper-plane-kid-and-baby-childhood-origami-airplane-origami-848348.
Operating System Android