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about EasyCall SeniorMobile application which turns your cell phone into a simple, user-friendly senior phoneWhat did we do? We created a mobile app which hides away all of the advanced phone functionalities and features, but instead features only a simple dial screen with preset contacts and custom or standard incoming/outgoing call screen tailored specially for seniors. EasyCall SeniorCalls made easyNowadays, using mobile phones is nearly as common among senior citizens, as among everybody else. However, when it comes to smartphones, senior citizens have still lagged behind until recently. But why? Are smartphones too complicated and complex? Too expensive? Or are simply not tailored to their needs? WE HAVE A SOLUTION FOR SENIORS. awesome features EasyCall was developed in collaboration with seniors, the resulting app is what works best for them. Check our awesome features and try to see them from a senior's point of view. These are the features SENIORS really need. Always VisibleApplication keeps the screen lit at all times. There is also no confusion with too many phone features. We hide them all. Easy SetupPressing the menu key in the top right corner for 10 seconds gives access to the application settings. All of the features are accessed from this easy-to-use view. The app is set up in a matter of seconds, best by the senior user's family or relatives. Safe ControlPhone buttons such as "Back" and "Home" are disabled. This protects the user from accidentally executing unwanted actions. CustomizableFrom 4 and up to 16 contacts on single page. Multi-page option can also be enabled in the settings, as well as the larger size of the buttons. Straightforward & uncluttered layout, clear labels, large fonts and full screen contact photos are key features of the senior-friendly user interface. How To Set UpHere you can find tutorial on how to set up the mobile application EasyCall Senior. Follow the guide and configure it in minutes. Once you have successfully installed the app, you will receive a windowed message "Hold button for 10 seconds to access Settings" upon first run. To access Settings, you always have to hold the top right button for 10 seconds. This measure prevents the user from accidentally accessing the Settings later on. The start message is shown for as long as at least one contact from the Contacts list in the phone is selected. ATTENTION: TO ACCESS SETTINGS YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO HOLD THE TOP RIGHT BUTTON FOR 10 SECONDS. Mark app as default In the privacy tab choose "mark app as default" thus setting the app as default, meaning that the app is the only app enabled on the phone. In the active window the app must be selected as "default launcher". Also select: Finish - Easycall - ALWAYS. This confirms the setting of the application and disables other functions of the phone. You can cancel this in the Settings by marking Easycall as a non-default application. Call button size Here you can select the size of the call button. Depending on your needs you can choose larger or smaller buttons which will appear on the main screen next to the name of the contact. Assign contacts In this tab you can select the contacts from the main Contacts list of your phone and set them up on the main screen. By pressing the 'assign' button the app opens the Contacts list of the phone and assigns the selected contact to the marked place of the main screen. The app saves the phone number, name and photo of the contact if available. If the photo is not available, the contact is shown without one. If you want the app to display a photo for your selected contact, you need to set it up in the main Contacts list of your phone according to the specifications of your phone. In this tab you can also delete contacts from the app or add them again. Contacts can only be added one by one. ATTENTION: THE APPLICATION CAN'T FUNCTION IF THE MAIN SCREEN DOESN'T HAVE AT LEAST ONE ASSIGNED CONTACT.
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