The only modern Chat application that's completely independent from your social media identity. This is professional chat, with unique features necessary for the adoption of Chat in professional and semi-professional group settings. iviia is full-fledged Chat used to send and receive messages, photos, video clips, documents, web links, audio and even voice calls. Organizations like small businesses, campus clubs, professional associations, teams, independent medical practices, and educators use iviia to communicate in groups or one-on-one. With iviia, you create a Group and Chat with full control of individual permissions of Group members. Self-administered groups are managed by the Group owner like a simplified, policy-based, corporate email system. iviia is the only Chat App built specifically for creating Chat groups that mirror an organization's natural structure and hierarchy, under the oversight of an administrator or "moderator". In this way, iviia Group chats preserve the conventional communication etiquette, behaviors, and norms already adhered to by the group members. Use iviia for Chat that's free from the baggage of social media accounts and their history of photos, posts, moments, friend lists, "likes", emojis, etc.This is full-featured Chat that does not originate from your social media identity. It's non-intrusive and in no way intermingled with your personal life. In this way, iviia is uniquely appropriate for business, education or general professional communications.
Operating System Android