Tidbit is a one-way messaging app. When you have something important to say, don't let it get caught up in the mess of a group chat, feed, or email chain. Use Tidbit to get your message right in front of them. a tidbit - A small piece of news or information which you can send to your team, group, fans or customers. The app where you can send, receive, and manage information called "tidbits". Tidbits arrive on your lock screen from the pages to which you've subscribed. Users get to pick exactly what they are subscribed to and how often they receive tidbits. Pages can be public or private (invite only). Create a page and ask people to subscribe to you on Tidbit today. Make tidbit a part of your team, business or organization. Schedule what you need to send, or tell people at a moments notice. Channel your page into groups if you'd like. Not everyone subscribed to your page needs every piece of info. Get started with Tidbit today.
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