Tfolc Believers Class Online

The essence of the believers classes is to take people through the doctrinal stands of The Fountain of life Church, the class itself is not exhaustive when it comes to the biblical doctrines but there are some that are very important and the Senior Pastor believes that anybody that is joining the Church for the first time should know what the stands of The Fountain of life church is concerning those particular doctrinal issues;Some of them could be controversial, being that you can see differences as you move from one denomination to another, case in point; the role of women in the ministry, there are some churches where they'll rather close down than allow a woman to teach or preach, but in The Fountain of life church, we have ordained female pastors with no limitation to what they can do in the ministry. Water baptism is another very important doctrinal issue, some people believe in sprinkling infant baptism, we don't believe that in The Fountain of life church, we do total immersion and you must have attained an age of accountability, in fact, we believe that you must give your life to Christ first before water baptism will be of any spiritual significance. These are the things that we teach in the Believers Classes, even if you are a pastor or an ordained minister where you are coming from, it is expected that you go through the believers classes before being able to join a department so that you will know what we believe and what we teach. Its not just about the vision alone, its also about the doctrinal stands of TFOLC.
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