Morse Message

Morse Message translates SMSes into Morse code beeps and/or vibrations. Beeps can be switched to "Stealth Mode", utilizing high frequencies to hide incoming messages. Find a frequency that's barely audible and only people specifically listening for the signal will notice it. You can add vibrations for extra "stealth" when the phone is in your pocket. The sender's name is transmitted at the beginning of the message. Select their first name only, or their full name to be transmitted. Morse Message will beep and/or vibrate based on your phone's current "Silent" settings. You can override this to "Always Beep" and/or "Always Vibrate". Settings for the "transmission speed", "tone frequency" and "number of letters to transmit" are configured for each different mode (normal beeps, high frequency beeps and vibration mode). An initial delay can be configured to provide sufficient time for your SMS notification before the Morse code begins.
Operating System Android