WeFi - Free Fast WiFi Connect & Find Wi-Fi Map

Our intelligent technology automatically connects your device to the best & fastest network in every location. This means two times faster data speeds that results in faster video, sharper images, better gaming and an overall better internet connected experience for less.We've built the world's largest map of Wi-Fi hotspots based on crowdsource data, so finding the best connection is no longer a hassle with our WiFi locator map. Our massive network of over hundreds of millions of hotspots with lots of information such as categories to helps you combat slow networks and find the best WiFi anywhere in the world.Avoid rapid connect - disconnect situations when the Wi-Fi signal is poor, avoid staying connected to Wi-Fi without Internet, get your Wi-Fi turned on when arriving hom or office and many more features!Just download this wefi utility app to your Android and change the way you experience your device and your monthly bills.
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