Barbados Government Directory

Introducing the official directory for the Government of Barbados. With dynamic updating all you have to do to be up-to-date is open the app. Search for government department of choice and click to display a list of phone number by position. We didn't just stop there. We make everything clickable. Tap to Call. Tap to Email. Tap to Browse websites. We even added map directions by tapping the address (constantly being updated). Anything you click on will do something - except fax. Every time we update we'll even send you a notification to let you know and we even gave your own notification history. You don't have to worry about high data rates; offline mode is automatic. Your next government call is now one touch closer. Privacy Statement. Your privacy is very important to us. As such, no personal information is captured or stored from the end-user on our servers at any time. All permissions this app requires are necessary only for the built in local features such as phone location for map directions to the departments. This app does not contain ANY ads and is provided absolutely free of charge. This app does not harm your phone by using malicious code or exposing your personal data.
Operating System Android