JPS Interoperability Solutions, Inc. the industry leader in communications interoperability, provides the integration of SLA's Enterprise Secure Chat (ESChat) with its ACU technology. Called JPS VIA, the service provides secure voice and data links between mobile devices and JPS gateways. This brings many new features to the gateway operators, interoperability system members, and Smart Device users. The JPS VIA Push-to-Talk over cellular application, integrated with ACU radio interoperability gateways, provides our customers a major expansion in communications capabilities. Also, hardware costs drop when access to radio channels can be provided by cellular devices to personnel who need access, but don't require all features available to handheld radios. Additional benefits include the ability to set up ancillary Smartphone talk groups to reduce traffic on vital radio channels during a major incident, plus the extension of communications into areas with poor radio coverage, such as in a parking garage, or to supervisors traveling outside the coverage area. JPS VIA is offered as a hosted service running on commercial 3G/4G/LTE/WiFi networks. Customers simply purchase the service through JPS and download the application to their Smartphones from Google Play A monthly service fee is charged per mobile device used. JPS VIA offers ESChat's full and very extensive feature set, and JPS will be also be rolling out new features that more tightly integrate the JPS VIA application with ACU gateways, bringing increased awareness and control to all users of the combined system.
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