Morse Code Transceiver

Welcome to Morse Code Transceiver. Here you can learn how to use Morse Code in many different ways. The Transmitter component allows you to: Translate English text to Morse audioHear the translation via sound through phone speakersSee the translation via light through camera flashTransmit Morse Code at 18 words per minuteThe Receiver component allows you to: Receive Morse Code as audio through microphone at any frequencyReceive Morse Code at speeds of about 5-30+ words per minuteTranslate Morse Code into visible English textThe Practice component allows you to: Practice keying Morse Code charactersIncludes reference guide for all Morse Code characters. Note for Ham Radio Technicians. This app is compatible with FLDIGI software. Use this software to enhance your experience with Morse Code Transceiver. We encourage the use of this application over authorized radio frequencies.
Operating System Android