Ielinks Messaging App

The ieLinks Messenger App provides instant messaging capabilities for the user through their smart phone. Users can take part in 1 on 1 conversation or group conversations where multiple users may interact. Originally the ieLinks Messaging App was created to connect administrators with educators, and educators with students. However, it has since been adapted for all business communications running an ieLinks platform. With the ieLinks Messenger App you will never feel disconnected you're your students, instructors, administrators, or peers. Easy to download through the Google App Store. Automatically connects you with people in your business. Safe, secure, and easy. 1 on 1 or group communication. Suitable for any business or educational institution. Live on demand chat for fast response turnaround. Set up instantaneous alerts when someone is trying to reach you. Stores previous conversations for easy reference at any time With the vast majority of millennials preferring to text or use some form of messenger as a means of communication over phone calls or email, ieLinks has developed its own messenger app to allow school administrators to contact their students knowing it will be the desired method of communication.
Operating System Android