Voice to Text Text to VoicePRO

This app speaks your words written or recorded. You can speak and write your words. A robot can speak your words typed. Write a text and a robot speaks your words. Save your words in texts. The application allows: RECORD (SPEAK AND WRITE TEXTS) Thanks to "Voice Recognition", you can talk, and your words will be converted into characters and written as a text on the screen. PLAY (write and speak TEXTS) Thanks to "Text To Speech", you can type any text, which will be spoken by a robot voice. SHARE (TEXTS AND VOICES) Share files text or files audio with the voice. Share voices. You can share text and voice with other messenger applications (WhatsApp, Gmail,) You can upload and store texts and voices in the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive.). SAVE Save the text file on the SD Card in your device Save texts and voices in your own storage accounts on the Cloud. IMPORT You can import audio and text files. SPEAKS TO TEXT Use this app before using other applications for convenience and to avoid errors. Text to speech is very useful for people with no speech communication, since you can write your words and they will be read by the robot. "Voice to Text Text to Voice" it is helpful in your daily use of apps in Android devices. Easy to use before write text that you want to send or share with others apps available on your device. The RECORD (Voice Recognition) can: Record your voice -Select differents options to your Voice Recognition With the Text Box you can: Make new lines after each record -Delete last enter. Save as file -Have a list of files. LANGUAGES You can set it in any language supported for your device and engines. (Please have a look to your devices settings or the INFO section in the app). VOICES You can set it in any voice supported for your device and engines. The voices can be male or female (this depends of your device) (Please have a look to your devices settings or the INFO section in the app). AUDIO RECORDER The app include an AudioRecorder. EXPERIMENTAL BETA SECTION This is an experimental section that convert audio files to text. PERMISSIONS - INTERNET AND ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE The APP contains advertising. "VoiceRecognition" needs Internet Permission, but you can use without Internet. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE / READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Allows the APP to write and read files in the public storage. RECORD_AUDIO Allows the APP to make Recordings using the microphone. MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS Allows the APP to modify global audio settings (to listen clearly the audio). Thanks for your comments, opinions and suggestions.
Price USD 1.99
License Purchase
Version 3.4
Operating System Android
System Requirements None