Telebroad's Teleconsole puts of your enterprise's communication network in your pocket by providing complete access to your company's PBX and VoIP infrastructure from any Android mobile device. Make, receive, and access calls, chats, texts, eFaxes, and voicemails just as if you were sitting by your desk. Participate in office conferences and keep co-workers informed about your availability status. Dial internal office ex-tensions directly and let your clients contact you seamlessly at your regular business number with minimal latency. The Teleconsole app was designed for optimal performance on mobile devices. It is using a push-notifications technology, keeping you connected only when necessary and conserving your battery and data plan at all other times. You will also be saving on mobile charges by using your Telebroad VoIP account instead of spending your air-time minutes unnecessarily. Keep track and facilitate timely responses with efficient call management features and comprehensive call logs. Direct integration of all company and business contacts always keep you in touch and in sync with clients and co-workers. Capabilities: Make calls with your company's Caller ID, instead of your personal mobile number. Chat and call office extensions directly. Voicemails, SMS, chats, and eFaxes can be displayed in either one convenient list or separate lists. Send eFaxes. Support for multiple voicemails, phone, fax, and SMS channels. Switch between your mobile carrier or Telebroad's VoIP on the fly. Mute calls. Hold calls. Call transfer. Do not Disturb. Call forwarding. Set your availability status and view availability of other users. Selectable caller ID. Detailed call history logs. Add contacts to either mobile phone or the Telebroad account. Make contacts public to share them with other users in the company.
Operating System Android