In-Command First-In Tablet

DOWNLOAD and TRYIn-Command First-In Tablet is a simple automated wireless firefighter emergency signaling and accountability tool for a working first-in "hands on" commander or an established Incident Command. It has been reported that, "Most fire ground deaths occur within the first 12 minutes when there are eight or fewer firefighters on scene, before full support is available. " The In-Command First-In Tablet is designed for rapid deployment providing a simple and easy method of Firefighter MAYDAY notification, PAR CHECK, and EVAC, as well as other features listed below, all of this is achieved on its own wireless RF standalone system without interruption of fire ground operations on the radio voice channel. The In-Command First-In Tablet Application for Android Tablet requires a WiFi enabled Grace Portable Incident Alarm Monitor. The Portable Incident Alarm Monitor is the heart of the system acting as a signal repeater for Grace RF PASS alarms, a fire ground alarm with loud sirens and strobe, and also a WiFi hub for communication with the In-Command First-In Tablet Application. Simple 45 Second Activation to use with Grace Firefighter RF PASS Alarms. Compatible Grace Devices: TPASS5. SuperPASS5X (upgraded). TPASS4. TPASS3. MicroCELL AES. MicroCELL ERT. Keep the Voice Channel open for Fire Ground Operations and leave Wireless Firefighter Safety Monitoring and Accountability to Grace In-Command First-In Tablet. NO SCBA REQUIREDFind out what NFPA has to say about fire ground use of PASS alarmsWe know you may have an integrated PASS alarm in your SCBA. PASS Alarms are not for just for the SCBA FireFighter in the Hot Zone - Protect all Personnel and monitor arriving apparatus. Monitor and display personnel inside or out of the Hot Zone with TPASS or outside the Hot Zone with the MicroCELLAES Emergency Distress Button. The MicroCELLERT Equipment Resource Tag will monitor and display the arrival of in-coming apparatus. Manage the chaos: Know who has arrived on the fire ground. Receive immediate notification of distress. Automated PAR Check- safety monitoring of the Firefighter. Evacuate and know who has received the EVAC command. Event Logging for Post Incident AnalysisSend Commands and Receive Acknowledgments from the Firefighter- Know who has not responded. Automated Commands: MAYDAY- immediate notification of Firefighter distress. RF PAR Check - Without Interrupting Operational Traffic on the Radio Voice Channel. RF EVAC - Select Evacuation of Individual or all TPASS units. Display Features: Active Status of the Firefighter- Display who is on-scene and active. PANIC Alarms- TPASS. MicroCELLAES. Status of PAR transmission and Firefighter acknowledgement. Status of EVAC transmission and Firefighter acknowledgement. Temperature Alarm- from TPASS4, TPASS5, SuperPASS5X (upgraded), and Temp Enabled TPASS3. Critical Personal Information associated with the Firefighter. RF Signal Integrity - meets NFPA RF PASS Standard for 60 second notification. Detailed information of MicroCELL ERT assignment. Low Battery Level- TPASS. MicroCELLAES. ERT. Consult factory before using, older models of TPASS3 may not support the PAR Check Feature. MicroCELLAES and ERT are not capable of receiving or responding to PAR or EVAC commands. 60 Second Loss of Signal is supported only on the TPASS5 and SuperPASS5X (upgraded) "Most fire ground deaths occur within the first 12 minutes when there are eight or fewer firefighters on scene, before full support is available. " - was designed and optimized to be used on 10" tablets with a minimum resolution of 1280x800. Processor requirements: Processor must be capable of running ARMv7 Instructions with support for NEON.
Operating System Android