OBD Now, in conjunction with an ELM327 chipped scan tool (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi), transforms your Android phone or tablet into a complete OBDII diagnostic tool. OBD Now is designed to report on all the OBDII Services of the OBDII specification in a minimal amount of time. An experienced operator can quickly connect to each vehicle as presented. OBD Now's simple menu driven structure guides the operator through all the OBDII services. Within a minute or two of connecting with OBD Now, an operator can quickly determine if a vehicle is running normally or has faults and requires further investigation. It is especially useful to the workshop manager who is required to access 30-40 at the start of a working day. This allows the workshop manager to plan his daily workload and assign more highly skilled technicians to the vehicles presenting with the most serious problems. Of course the car enthusiast/home mechanic also gets to enjoy same features. OBD Now supports all OBDII services $01 through $0A as specified by SAE J1979 and ISO 15031-5.01 - Current Power train Diagnostic Data. 02 - Power train Freeze Frame Data. 03 - Emission-Related Diagnostic Trouble Codes. 04 - Clear/Reset Emission-Related Diagnostic Information. 05 - Oxygen Sensor Monitoring Test Results. 06 - On-Board monitoring Test Results for specific monitored systems. 07 - Emission-related Diagnostic Trouble Codes detected during last drive cycle. 08 - Control of On-Board System components. 09 - Vehicle Information. 0A - Permanent Diagnostic Trouble CodesSupports the following features: Continuous real time digital display of up to 162 Pids of power train data. Automatically supports all vehicle protocols including J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, ISO 9141, ISO 14230, and ISO 15765 (CAN). Display of Vehicle readiness - Continuous and non-continuous monitoring and monitor status of MIL lamp and detected Diagnostics Trouble Codes. Display of Freeze frame pid data as stored in the vehicle's ECU. Display of stored, pending and permanent Diagnostic Trouble Codes. Clearing/Resetting engine MIL light. Display of Oxygen sensor data. Display of On Board monitoring of non-continuous tests. Display of vehicle information including VIN number. Logging of both diagnostic data and real time data, suitable for importing into a spreadsheet. Displays Pid data in either Metric or Imperial units, automatically adjusting based on the device's language setting. Pid Sensor information can be individually selected or deselected. Display of vehicle's OBD compliance, protocol and scan tool interface and version. Sensors display - current, minimum, maximum and average values. Connection support for either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi scan tools. Summary display of vehicle's supported services. Connection window displays real time hexadecimal data for those conversant with SAE J1979 or ISO 15031-5. Incremental adjustment of Elm 327 timeout value to maximize sensor response speed. Fully incorporated help manual of our easy to read OBD Now User Guide. Playback module. Fully featured evaluation version, limited to 3 days of operation by an evaluation license automatically issued by our server. OBD Now contains a comprehensive 40+ page User Guide. It can also be viewed from the following link https://www.glmsoftware.com/documentation/OBDNowUserGuide. pdf. Supported scan tools: We recommend any of the following scan tools OBDLink MX Bluetooth, OBDLink LX Bluetooth, OBDLink MX Wi-FI, OBDPros Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, OBDKey Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, or any genuine ELM327 chipped scan tool, version 1.3a and above. Please see our User Guide for a detailed discussion re problems associated with using cheap "Clone" scan tools.
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