OBD Now Terminal

OBD Now Terminal for Android devices is similar to programs such as Hyper Terminal or Tera Term for Windows computers. The major difference is OBD Now Terminal is already preconfigured to connect to any ELM327 or compatible OBDII Bluetooth scan tool. The user's only requirement is to select the particular Bluetooth scan tool they wish to connect to. Once connected, the user can issue any ELM327 AT or ST (Scantool. net's alternative AT command set) command or hexadecimal OBDII command, by typing the command and tapping the Send key on the keyboard. The app will immediately respond with a response as can be seen in the screenshots. Multi line responses will automatically be formatted into each separate response, one per line. Disclaimer: This app is not a typical OBDII app which interprets the responses from your ECU (s) in human readable format. This app is designed for OBDII developers and or ELM327 enthusiasts who wish to observe the raw data responses from the ECU (s) of their test vehicles or ELM327 compatible simulators. OBD Now Terminal makes no attempt to interpret the responses returned from the ECU (s) as it assumes the user is already familiar with the responses and knows how to interpret the data in the responses. For those users who are new to OBDII and wish to learn more, we would suggest checking the links at the end of our help manual and our basic tutorial contained in our help file. The user guide and tutorial is also available from the following link https://www.glmsoftware.com/documentation/OBDNowTerminalUserGuide. pdf.
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