Browser with no tracking & ads

Timeliness: Gikix is an ultra-fast browser that allows you to have a better Web experience. Protection of privacy: The Internet is a great tool for sharing on a global scale. However, its use sometimes leads to the violation of fundamental rights such as privacy. Gikix fully protects your privacy by blocking tracking tools from visited websites. Parental control: Gikix parental control or filtering lets you automatically restrict access by limiting the categories of content to protect your children against content considered offensive to their age. Discount coupons, price comparison: Gikix improves your shopping results by presenting you with relevant and useful information like coupons or price comparison services. Adapted modules: Applications and extensions available in our catalog allow you to enjoy the web at its maximum. Calm Navigation: Enjoy a new browsing experience without being bothered by intrusive ads (banners, videos, pop-ups.) Feel free to share with us anything that might be useful for optimal navigation. Thank you.
Operating System Android