Attract Footfall to your Place, Improve Loyalty & Boost Sales by promoting your "shop window" to nearby customers, directly on their smartphone at a moment of influence. BeaconHere sends relevant push notifications to people nearby (up to 150m away) with your great digital content attached. It's a one-of-a-kind Android app that's really easy to use. It's perfect for: Retail Merchants. Hospitality Venues like Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Cafes. Ticketed Events like Nightclubs, Theatres, Music Gigs, Sports that want to sell last minute tickets. Cultural activities like Museum, Arts Exhibitions, Tourist AttractionsThis means you and your employees can really start to show off your product for service, for example: your Website (& menus, product, or ticket checkout). your social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). your Videos (Youtube, Vimeo). your Special OffersAnd because you control how far you can cast your digital content (up to 150m) - you can upsell to customers when they are in your venue or event with further relevant messages - taking the customer on a fun "journey to purchase" in your venue or at your event. UNIQUE BENEFITS OF USE: PASSERS BY DON'T NEED AN APP TO RECIEVE YOUR MESSAGE. Customers don't want to, nor have time to, download an app - BeaconHere solves this big problem. OUR SIMPLE APP IS HASSLE Free. Every other beacon related solution requires physical infrastructure, setup and ongoing maintenance. Then the batteries run out, or you lose the beacon. and so on. That's a hassle. Instead, you simply download BeaconHere app, register and add your URL's. The power is in your hands. RUN MULTIPLE ADVERTS FROM YOUR HAND. Run multiple beacon adverts at the same time without any extra charge. (Physical beacons would normally cost between $20 for each advert - straight away the BeaconHere app has paid for itself many times over.). QUICKLY & EASILY CHANGE YOUR MESSAGE. Instantly add or change your message to make your adverts far more relevant for nearby customers and increase your likelihood of a sale. EASY DATA ANALYTICS. Last but not least, easy to read analytics will help you understand which adverts work. All of this gives you the ammunition to improve your mini marketing campaigns. BeaconHere is part of the GetinHere family of products supporting retail, hospitality venues & events.
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