Speak For Me - Text to Speech

Speak For Me - Text to Speech speaks the words typed onto the text field. Learn how to pronounce words in another language or accent, or If you are mute or have suffered an injury that has impaired your voice, let your voice be heard through Speak For Me - Text to Speech. Speak For Me uses the Text To Speech Engine your phone already has installed, therefore the app cannot change the gender of the voice. Need help memorizing your schoolwork or a presentation? Have Speak For Me repeat what needs to be learned indefinitely. Also, have a bit of fun changing the pitch and speed of the voice and share it with your friends. Send your thoughts in a robotic voice via Text or WhatsApp and laugh with your friends. Save your most used sentences and quickly say what you need to say without typing. Languages: English, English (British accent), Spanish, Spanish (Spaniard Accent), French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Hindi. Just tap on the globe on the top right of the screen to change languages. Please Note: Actual language packs and accents depends on your phone's manufacturer.
Operating System Android