Hear2Read Marathi Text->Speech

Hear2Read. Marathi Text-To-Speech (TTS) plug-in engine developed jointly by www.Hear2Read.org and Carnegie Mellon University. The App uses Android OS framework for 3rd party Text To Speech engines such that it can be used with any with TTS-enabled App to Read Marathi text by listening to machine generated speech. Visually Challenged users can use it by turning on Talkback under Accessibility in Settings, just as one can read English using Google provided English TTS. Some Apps, such as "@Voice Aloud Reader", detect the content language and then select the appropriate engine and do not require users to set the preferred engine and language to Hear2Read and Marathi respectively. Other Apps, such as "Voice Dream Reader", allow the user to select and associate a TTS Engine and language for the particular content. This selection is used instead of the preferred engine and language set under settings. Android Talkback and certain Apps (such as GoRead book reader) use the preferred TTS Engine and language selected under settings. For these Apps, users need to select Hear2Read Engine and then select MarathiSettings -> Language and Input -> Text-to-speech Output Select Hear2Read Marathi as the Preferred engineTouch the Gear symbol to display Language settingsSelect Marathi in the Language Pop Up box. Touch Language and then select Marathi in the Pop Up box At this time, it can only reads Marathi content correctly. English words (not numbers) embedded in Marathi text are not spoken well. It does speak numbers written in Roman script (0.1, 2.9) in Marathi. Requires Android 4.2 or higher. Permissions - SD card READ/WRITE access is required to store downloaded voices. Please do not try to install this App on device with Cyanogen or rooted devices with OS changes outside of the OS upgrades released by Google. We have received several crash reports from such devices. We doubt, if the App functions properly on such devices. It makes extensive use of Android TTS APIs among others. We welcome your feedback. Please send comments and questions to Feedback@Hear2Read.org. We invite users to rate the App. If you so, please add review comments as to the reason for the rating and how it can be improved it. If you like the App, please spread the word. Thanks, Hear2Read teamNote: Hear2Read is a registered trademark.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None