Bulk SMS Sender

Bulk SMS Sender is an application with which users can send SMS through their carrier network to mobile numbers that are listed in a. txt or. xls input file. Bulk SMS Sender can serve for bulk delivery of holiday greetings, and as an efficient marketing tool to send SMS'sThis application can be used for SMS marketing campaignApplication for Sending Bulk SMS from a Text file or Microsoft Excel (97-2003. xls) file. The Charges for SMS will be as per the mobile plan taken by the subscriber. While sending SMS please follow each Country Telecom Regulatory/Legal Laws. /Files Supported: 1) Normal text file, First line should be bulk-sms-sender-v1; after that each mobile number and SMS in a single line as shown below with as separator. bulk-sms-sender-v1;bulk-sms-sender-v1mobile_number_1sms_message_1bulk-sms-sender-v1mobile_number_2sms_message_22) Microsoft Office Excel File 97-2003, xls fileFirst cell (A1) should have the text bulk-sms-sender-v1, next row onwards the mobile number (Column 1) and SMS (Column 2) For the app to stop reading the rows beyond the rows you added for the mobile number and SMS, add a blank row or type in the first column of the row after your last mobile number. Read Me1) Files Supported: Normal text file, 2) Files Supported: Microsoft Office Excel File 97-2003, xls file3 Mobile Number should be without + sign4) Tested with Special characters. @#$%^&. () _+: "{}|? >
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