Ramnia is a message and file upload service. The messages and the files are encrypted in the app. Once they have been uploaded to the server they are kept in the RAM temporarily. Shutting down the server would result in losing the current data. Step 1 - Write secrete message and/or select file (s) Step 2 - Click "Create Secret"Step 3 - Copy the link and send it to your recipientYour recipient can only click the link once, afterwards the message is being destroyed. A second visit is impossible, because we do not just flag the data that it was called, we delete the whole message and its attached files. AdvantagesStrong Encryption: Every message is encrypted with an individual key in the app and then transferred over SSL. For the client side encryption we utilize AES with a key length of 256 bits. This method has been adopted by the U. S. government and is now used worldwide. Temporary Data Storage: The data is stored on our server in the ram temporarily and will be deleted automatically after 7 days. Shutting down the server would result in losing the unread secrets. Anonymity: We try to provide as much anonymity as possible. Therefore we do not demand and save personal data and ip addresses. Also we abstain from using advertisement and tracking services like Google Analytics. Platform Independent: Ramnia works on the most common browsers and operating systems.
Operating System Android