Serious Sms (Hidden, Assured)

Serious SMS is for serious people, serious businesses and communication is confidential. It has all you need and nothing that you don't need. This app is separate from the regular SMS but still uses SMS methods without a need for Internet. Messages do not appear in your regular SMS. The app is hidden as much as technically allowed by Android and only you can send, read and access it. Messages are scrambled and not readable by man-in-middle and cooperative telcos. Messages are secured and delivery is guaranteed because evrything is date-stamped and you are notified when recipient has read your message. Some instructions: 1) Install this app as a widget. Long press the home screen, drag Serious Sms Icon from the widget list to the home screen. The icon will not be visible at home screen. 2) The user-interface is hidden. To make it visible, - Go to phone keyboard. Type your password with the '. ' prefix. Touch CALL (green) then touch STOP (red) without waiting. Default password is '. 567'. 3) Phones do not need Caller-ID capability. You must enter your phone no. and your chosen password at SETTINGS page. 4) Messages. Can be any length. Are scrambled and unreadable until they reach the recipient. Do not appear in your regular SMS inbox/outbox. Delivery are managed. You know when messages are read, not read or lost.
Operating System Android