Quick Call Pro

Promotional codes available. Write me an email and I'll send you a promotional code and get Quick Call Pro for FREE. How many times a day you search your contacts list to find and call the contact that you use every day? Imagine the convenience of calling your friends and family without having to look up their phone number or even dial it. With Quick Call Pro you can dial the desired number with just one tap. It takes just one touch to call a number, or to SMS/email your friend. Setting up Quick Call Pro is very easy. Just fill in the contacts list with your favorite contacts and order them to create your own contact list which is simple and easy to use. If you like your contacts always at the tip of your finger just add one of the three available widgets (Normal, Compact and Top Contacts). The widgets are scrollable lists with clean design and are very easy to use. The widgets can be re-sized to fit any screen. Features. You select and order the contacts (unlimited). You can add or remove contacts or reorder them at any time. Separate settings for every contact: different color style, enable/disable call, sms or email icons. You can choose the default number that will be used for every contact. Default action for contact picture tap (open contact, dial or sms default number) - Hidden mode: the last two digits of the contacts phone number are replaced by. Normal widget: displays the contacts with all their numbers and appropriate call, sms or email icon. Compact widget: displays actions (call and/or sms) only for the default number. Top 20 contacts widget: uses the data from the call log and displays the most contacted 20 contacts ordered by the number of calls. The Top Contacts widget refreshes automatically every 30 minutes. NOT after every call. If you make more than 20 calls a day and regularly use only a small part of your contacts then try Quick Call Pro. You'll love it. Explanation of permissions: READ_CONTACTS - to get contact name and numbersCALL_PHONE - call phone number directlySEND_SMS - send sms directlyREAD_PHONE_STATE - to return to app after call finished / update top contacts widget.
Operating System Android