voice command

what is, wise voice command. Our target is. help our community using there smart phones and make moveing bettween other apps more fan and easy. How you can change your smart phone setting like (wi-fi, bluetooth. and meny more things) you can open chose them by using our app. by command (open wi-fi). Also you will able to open your new and old apps and game social media app on your device by trying command open whatsapp. Also you can call your contacts by commanding -call (the name). and if you don't know the name you can write the first letter of the name. Also our app provide you to try our. uniq. shortcut (wise shortcut) that will make our app more helpful and easy. our app missions are. voice command while using other apps. convert your voice to text and copy it and send it to other apps to make your conversations more fun and easy. and we will make it more easy by our new updates. please rate and support us. thank you. Email: wise. wt. technology@gmail.com. WISE TECHNOLOGY TEAM.
Operating System Android