ReactionApp allows you to visually describe your problem or need to customer service agents, doctors, nurses, claims agents or technicians all over the world. Reaction identifies business calls and allows you to share pictures, videos, and files while calling. At the end of the call, you get to rate the customer service experience. Your rating is then shared with the business directly on social media. Our mission is to become the standard of customer service experience over the phone. Reaction gives you the ability to: Always know which business is calling-Share pictures, videos, and files directly on call-Rate the customer service experience when you hang up -and control the entire customer experience-Get service with more than 21 million businesses in the USReaction uses your phone line to make the call, but we use your 3G and Wi-Fi connection to share pictures, videos, and Files. We use your identity profile to ensure that you are the owner of the device. We do not share your contact information nor the data you send to businesses. Operator charged may apply.
Operating System Android