Call Time Tracker+Call Blocker

Call Time Tracker+Call Blocker is a perfect solution to track call time for personal expense saving, business bookkeeping or tax purposes. It also has feature to block unwanted calls. The app provides detailed call time statistics data based on the call log on your phone. With the information provided by this app, you can easily learn how you spend your call time for personal or working purpose. Feature list: Track calling information based on the call log on the phone. Track number of incoming, outgoing and total calls for each contact. Track duration of incoming, outgoing and total calls for each contact. Call Blocker. Block call/text from black list. Block call/text with private ID. Block call/text from strangers. Block call/text from phone number start with a certain number (e. g. 555-5555. ). Blocked call log. Blocked text log. Annual report. Monthly report. Weekly report. Daily report. All call report. Configurable first day of week. Configurable first day of month. Send report in CSV and HTML formats. Send report via email, bluetooth, Google Drive, Dropbox or Skype. Bulk record deletion from call log. System requirements: OS: Android v2. 1 or above-Physical Resolution: 320x480 (HVGA), 480x800 (WVGA800), 480x854 (WVGA854), 540x960, 800x600, 1024x600, 1280x800 and other resolutions-Perfect for Android smart phone and tablet. Things you should know. One time charge. No hidden fee or monthly charge. App developer doesn't participate in the purchase and download process, if you have problems with credit card authorization, charge, double charge, download failures, we have no way to help you, you'll need to check the Google technical help forum. Update is always free, Google controls charging and it WILL NOT charge for update. Contact us: Provided by Frank Android Software @ Feel free to contact us via email. We have excellent support record and no question will be ignored.
Operating System Android