5G Internet Browser

5G Internet Browser is a smart Free web browser and many outstanding features: simple, useful, light, sort, secure, especially it's extremely fastly internet. It's a tool to help you improve and speed up your internet. It's very simple, useful and safe mode. Now, you might work very easily with watch videos, secure browser. Features. Lightweight browser with fast loading. Secure connection. The number of tabs is unlimited. Easy settings within the application. User-friendly interface. Added Night Mode. Prevent your eyes from hurting when the screen is too bright- Low light (In bed, theatre, cinema, ) usage for reading, browsing, texting or gaming- Disable hardware or soft buttons backlight- If you have an AMOLED display, you can also save battery. Added Reading Mode. BlueLight filter - to protect your eyes when you are reading for a long time. It keeps your eyes miles away from strain even when you read for hours. Brightness below minimum - to make looking at the screen comfortable even when it is pitch dark.
Operating System Android