SMS Forwarder

It will forward all/ filtered incoming SMS to predefined number when the App is configured to be enabled from its inbuilt settings screen. Short, easy and convenient interface for configuring it once only. Rest everything, it will take care itself. Just download, configure and forget (no need to irritate over ads, complex interface or Internet connectivity etc). Voila. Please share your valuable feedback, if it serves your purpose. You may need to grant SMS permission and few other permissions (like auto start etc), to this App, in order to work correctly. Filter keyword is a comma separated list of words (including phone number of SMS being received) which when matched, that SMS should be forwarded to the predefined number. Like if you want to receive the SMS from your loved ones while in office, and your smartphone is at home, just add your loved one's number (or such text) in the keyword list. If this filter keyword is set to blank/ empty string, all SMS (significant operator charges may apply) would be forwarded to predefined number. Be careful. WARNING: This App would send SMS using your existing SIM and would incur you operator charges. For Dual SIM handsets, user may need to set preferred SIM for sending SMS in system settings. It also generates multipart text message (when message cannot be accommodated in one SMS), therefore be careful while configuring the App. No Internet connection required, it uses GSM network for sending plain-text SMS. The number where this App is installed (either on this device or on the device of incoming SMS), should never be configured here. In such cases, if there is no proper filter applied, it will go into infinite loop and significant operator charges would apply, even up to Zero balance. This App is not chargeable to download and install. Also this App do not have ads like other similar Apps.
Operating System Android