Email for Gmail App

Email for Gmail AppWith our email application you can instantly connect to your gmail email account, this email application also lets you connect to any other email provider (Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, Icloud, AOL, Live, GMX) and any type of mailbox IMAP, POP3 and Exchange, all your email accounts in one unified mailbox for you to review all your emails faster. This email application synchronizes daily with your email accounts so that you can have available your emails at any time. This application has an instant notifications support that allow you to be informed of any updates to your email account (new email, Error when sending an email, email received notice), all these notifications are fully customizable, change the ringtone notifications, vibrations alerts, assign hours of silence (for example 7: 00 am to 2: 00pm). With our friendly interface you can personalize your mailbox as you like, add more color to your emails, select the font you like most, size, add a message or signature at the end of each email. This email application also allows to you organize your mailbox in the most efficient way, divide your emails into folders (use the default folders or create new folders), your emails will be available so easy and fast. You can search for any email you need at any time, you can search by name, date, attachments or use our spam filter for unwanted emails. With this email application sending an email was never so easy. write quickly and easily any email in seconds. send photos or any attachments that you need. this email app synchronizes daily with your email account so you can read your emails at any time without internet connection. Also with our email application your personal data can always be safe with an unique security settings that is responsible for preventing unauthorized log in.
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