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Email App - All Mails ProNew email application that lets you login with any email provider you need in seconds (Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Icloud, AOL, Live, GMX) and any type of mailbox IMAP, POP3 and Exchange. our email application doesn't just focus on a single email provider like the most new email apps, this is an universal email application really easy to use, fast and secure for you. all your email accounts in one mailbox with our email app, the most efficient way to organize your mailbox. our email application lets you have a conversation with everybody in a very easy way only send an email and wait for the answer. With this email application you can read, send, check your email at any time, This application has a simple interface but very efficient that allows you to manage your email in the most efficient way. organize your mailbox in folders to have a faster access to any email when you need, Never again lose an email in your mailbox with our search tool, search an email at any time by name, size, date, sender or select one or more emails as "favorites" so they are at the beginning of your mailbox. you can change the style of your email inbox, create your own style mailbox changing the color, font, size, the notifications tone, alerts vibration, LED color and more options only for you. you're a little busy? it's not a problem, select quiet hours so you will not be disturbed and can finish your work, also skip unwanted emails with our spam filter. with our email application keep your data secure at any time. Today privacy and security are very important for this reason our application will ensure that all your personal data are safe and your email is totally private. For more information please contact us at Leave your comments.
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