SaveIt - Texts, Voice, Photos

SaveIt features include: Customized voicemail greetings for all contacts. Transcription of all voicemails - screen your calls quickly. Virtually unlimited secure cloud storage. File all voicemails, texts, and photos in folders you create. Assign tags to voicemails, texts, and photos and find them fast. Search folders by date range, contact, tag, and/or key word. Write notes under your photos and find them fast - no scrolling. Share what you save with one or multiple contacts. Share what you save via email, text, Facebook, etc. the option is yoursSaveIt is the most useful app you can have on your Android phone. With SaveIt you can set up custom greetings for all business contacts and friends. No more boring, "Your call is important to me. blah, blah, blah. " Jazz it up and impress your customers and friends. SaveIt also transcribs all your voicemails so you can screen them fast. You can also file your voicemails in folders you create yourself. You can then search using multiple criteria and find what you're looking for, by folder, tag, contact, date range, or even key word. Don't spend time scrolling. Find it fast and share it fast. But That's Not All. SaveIt does so much more. SaveIt allows you to file and save every voicemail, text, and photo in folders you create yourself. Every voicemail, text, and photo is displayed in your SaveIt Inbox. From there you save to your folders and sub-folders. You can also add multiple tags which lets you find it fast (budget, change order, birthday, etc.). Organize your phone, set up folders for business, projects, customers, whatever you want. Find what you need fast. SaveIt allows you to search all your voicemails, texts, and photos using any or all of the following criteria: Folder. Tag or tags. Date range (e. g. Jan 1, 2015 - August 24th, 2015. Contact. Key word searchThe key word search covers all texts, translated voicemail, and notes you attach to your photos. Don't waste time scrolling. Search and find what you need fast. FOR TECHNICAL HELP PLEASE VISIT: http://bit. ly/1lyS7AR OR EMAIL US AT
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