Compass: Friend Tracker

Compass: Friend Tracker uses GPS to create a compass which points towards the location of your friend. It may also be used to track a single point originating from where the user currently is. This can be used to find your way back to a location once you have left it. Features: Free. Track a single friend- Track a single location--Premium. Track multiple friends- Track a single location- Ad freeDISCLAIMER: This is a GPS based tracking system. It is accurate to within 30m, depending on the weather. It will guide you to the general area of your friend/location, but once there the arrow will become inaccurate. At that time you will need to locate your friend or exact position manually. Usage Flow: 1. Open the application on your android device. Your user id (uid_xx) is in italics centered at the top of the screen. 2. Ensure your friend has opened the application on their device as well. 3. If you have your friend as a contact in your phone, his/her user id will appear after touching the "Friends Online" button. 4. Select it via the menu which pop ups. (You may also enter the user id manually into the text box as it appears). 5. Once selected, touch the track button. That's all there is to it. Credits: Compass: Friend Tracker Logo & Splashscreen -- Designed by David Ramunno. Email tsoft. supp@gmail.com for any inquiries about this talented Graphic Designer. Compass Vector -- Designed by Evasplace. http://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/vintage.
Operating System Android